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Maid Services

Maid Services to Suit All Your Needs

Looking for personal care and attention to your home’s cleanliness? Check out our maid cleaning services.

Exemplary Cleaning and Seamless Communication

Many of our clients choose to use our recurring maid services to manage their home’s cleanliness. After all, your home’s cleanliness is paramount. With our efficiency, quality and Spotless Performance Guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that you have your time back. We’ll do the cleaning so you can relax and focus your own life.

When Can Our Maids Come In?

Our recurring cleaning and maid services are available on a weekly, biweekly, triweekly or monthly basis with. On each visit, your maid will complete our standard cleaning checklist, plus any additional items you’d like handled.

Deep Cleans

For Deep cleaning needs please see our Hourly cleaning or Residential Cleaning pages.

Take Your Freedom Back

With your home being cared for by our trusted team members, you’ll have more freedom and time to do the things you love most. Instead of spending the weekend cleaning your home, spend time with your family, friends, and favorite activities!

Personal Touch

With our recurring maid service, your home will be cleaned by the same maid each time we service your home. Should your maid leave to pursue other opportunities, get sick, or move, we have additional pre-screened and trained maids ready to take their place and provide the same high standard of service. We handle all of the turnover, including briefing the maid on your preferences.

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