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Hourly Cleaning

Flexible Cleaning and Fair Billing

Hiring a cleaning service can be expensive. If you want to skip a few areas to save some money, you can. Our hourly cleaning options let you specify what parts of the house you want our maids to handle. Whether you’re booking just once or looking for recurring services, our hourly cleaning option will do the trick.

What Can We Do in an Hour?

Bill us by the hour and get an hour’s worth of cleaning. Otherwise, you can also turn to us for:

How We Track Your Hourly Cleaning Services

When you book hourly cleaning services with us, you’ll be charged the right amount every time. We use Launch27, an app that’s built specifically for the home-cleaning industry. Launch27 lets our cleaners clock in and out of the appointment as long as they’re occupied at your home. Should they forget to check out, the app will automatically do so for them, so you won’t be left with any unexpected surprises.

How We Manage Your Hourly Cleaning Services

How we manage your hourly services is in your hands. We’re more than happy to handle coordination details and keep detailed notes on your preferences. Want us to brief your maid on their expectations? We’ve got you covered. Otherwise, you’re welcome to give your maids a walk-through of your home and your needs on your own.

Additional Information

We do not accept cash or checks. All purchases are done online or via the phone with a card that’s in our online system. Cancellation fees cost 25 dollars.

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